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Are yah ready?

2008-11-27 20:16:55 by Branhan

Because im already a good way through my second flash but id like some feedback if your willing to give.

1: What kinda music should i use?
2: Should i just use a song and which one?
3: Should i release a teaser trailer?

If you have ANY comments leave em please!


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2008-12-12 12:39:29

Hey, i'm not going to talk about that ^
i'm going to talk about your movie: Stiks 2
i thought it was awesome ;D
but to be more awesome, you should color the powers,
but it is still pretty good, ok?
nice, that's all i have to say ;D
keep doing sticks movies \o/
and yeah, you should put music on your next movie. put, techno ;]
check out my page and see the musics there