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Entry #4

Im talking to the door right now...

2009-12-15 12:29:18 by Branhan

Alright, if anyone cared about Stik 4 then thanks but I'm pulling a Duke Nukem here. Im putting it on hold, for awhile I've been back and forth on what i wanna do with my life, ive found out. I am gonna be a game designer, so ill be making a game i can put in my portfolio. If anyone out there is a musician or someone who could make some music. If its good and i use it i will pay you, it wont be much disappointingly cause I'm till in highschool, but you shall be paid!

Tutorial Level
Automotive Factory Level
Haunted Castle Level
Space Station Level
Diamond Mine Level
Alien Spaceship Level
Stormcloud Level
Underground Labertory Level
Sewer Level
Subway Tunnel Level
Space Level
Toy Store Level
Carnival Level
Mountain Temple Level
North Pole Level
Organic Hell Level

Yeah, i know...LOOOOOOONG ENOUGH!!! :D Branhan


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